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PUBG Esports Odds

PUBG Esports Odds

The second edition of PUBG Nations Cup begins on June 16. Players from 16 countries will compete in a four-day tournament in Bangkok, Thailand, for the chance to win a portion of the $500,000 prize pool and additional prize money from PNC 2022 skin sales.

Team China will compete online from a location in Guangzhou due to geographical considerations, while the reigning champions Team Russia will not compete at all.

The tournament’s squads are loaded, with the greatest players in PUBG representing their respective nations. The best teams and players to watch in PNC 2022 are listed below.

James “TGLTN” Giezen, Team Australia

TGLTN has been at his best since the second part of 2020. The PUBG Continental Series for the Americas was all his, as he won four of the six tournaments and finished second in one. TGLTN’s most notable accomplishment came as a member of the Susquehanna Soniqs squad, which won the 2021 PUBG Global Invitational.

This time, he’ll be representing Australia, and even without his Soniqs colleagues to back him up, TGLTN will be one of the competition’s most dangerous single threats.

Zi-Xuan Zuo “Aixleft”, Team China

It wasn’t long since Aixleft won the fourth PUBG Continental Series for Asia that he became one of the big names in the Asian PUBG scene. He and Petrichor Road have won three PCS titles in a row since then.

Aixleft was the team’s ace in these events, finishing as kill leader and earning All-PCS honors in PCS4 and PCS6. With Team China being one of the favorites to win this championship, Aixleft and his national team, which is stocked to the rafters, will be a major challenge.

Timi “curexi” Tenhula, Team Finland

Curexi has been one of the most aggressive attackers in the PUBG esports world, despite not having won any big titles. Curexi showed what he was made of at PGC 2021, as Heroic came in second place, just four points short of the title.

Curexi displayed his ability to take down his opponents and cause serious damage in a variety of situations, ranging from close-range infighting to mid- to long-range DMR combat. Curexi will play with his colleague Pag3, Heroic’s in-game captain, as well as veteran mxey and striker D1gg3r1.

Curexi and Finland will be among the favourites heading into PNC 2022.

Park “Loki” Jung-young, Team Korea

Loki is one of the most distinguished players in PUBG esports and one of the few active players that has been in the game since its pilot season. Loki has won several championships with Gen.G and is the PUBG esports prize money leader ($961,307, Esports Earnings) in what has been a sparkling and accomplished career to this point.

Another reason to pay attention to Loki is that he’ll be reunited with Inonix, a former teammate with whom he won multiple titles. They finished second at the previous PNC in 2019, and while Loki hasn’t had the best start to this tournament, he’s always capable of making game-changing moves and guiding his team to victory.

Hunter “hwinn” Winn, Team USA

Along with TGLTN, hwinn has dominated the PCS in the Americas. Although TGLTN is the ace of the Susquehanna Soniqs side that they both represent, hwinn’s role to their victory is no less vital, having put up the second most damage behind TGLTN in PCS6 AM and finished as the series’ longest surviving player.

While the absence of TGLTN is a big loss for Team USA, the remaining skill in Sharpshot4k and Kickstart, as well as his colleague Shrimzy, should be enough for hwinn and Team USA to compete for the championship and maybe win.

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