Is Slingo the Next Big Thing for Online Casinos?

Is Slingo the Next Big Thing for Online Casinos?

Is Slingo the Next Big Thing for Online Casinos?

Slingo was born by the mechanic Sal Falciglia and his brilliant idea to combine bingo with slots. This predicted a huge success, as bingo and slots players represent the great majority of players inside the casinos and gambling houses. Onwards, you will see the reasons that made Slingo the next big thing for online gaming. 

The new game remained too simple, despite the addition of concepts of RNG Variance, Joker and Super Joker and does not require any skills for being successful. The game’s simplicity played an important role for it to be accepted warmly immediately from both bingo and slot players, who recognised the characteristics they had distinguished, in bingo or slots respectively, inside the new game. 

The new game kept on being fast, although it provided players the choice to risk money to bring up more numbers in order to complete the grid of all 12 bingo formations. This turned out to be a magical idea, as it intrigued bingo players, who were accustomed to betting with the hope their numbers of choice are in their favour, and slots players as well, as it added the element of gambling and risk that slots players love. Essentially, the greater bet was to transfer players from the lottery or board games, as bingo was called, at online casinos. 

Slingo was the first game that infiltrated the Social Media (Facebook etc.), a fact which Gaming Realms took advantage of, by offering all its new games in HTML5 code, for perfect gaming sensation on PC and Smartphones as well, which represent the 70% of iGaming players’ gadget of choice.  

Crucial, for the development of Slingo itself to rise as the next big thing for online casinos, were the actions of Gaming Realms tο get licensing for Slingo in the biggest iGaming markets. Beyond the UK market, Slingo was granted access to 3 American states and through the Malta licensing to the international markets as well, raising that way the number of players eligible to get their hands on Slingo.

  • UΚ Gambling Commission
  • MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)
  • DGA (New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement)
  • License By The Pennsylvania Gaming Control
  • Michigan Gaming Control Board

    An important boost was also the recognition of Slingo by the greatest game providers, through the Gaming Realms licensing, to release famous slots using the Slingo contraption. Some of the collaborations that were made are the following gaming software companies:

  • Netent 
  • Microgaming
  • Scientific Games
  • Eyecon
  • Pariplay
  • IGT
  • Inspired Gaming

This concluded to a broad recognition from the side of the players, as it both secured their amusement, providing the most important game titles and the safety provided by the top providers.  

All the above contributed to a huge development of the game, which essentially reached over 40 game titles and 60 millions of faithful players following it in 5 years. The picture for the tremendous evolution of the game is confirmed from the Gaming Realms growth rates, as imprinted in the annual financial statements and the stock price, quoted in London Stock Exchange.  

Ostensive, the financial survey of Align Research for Gaming Realms, that shows the economic differentiation in various time periods and the prediction for the fourth term of 2022, is attached.   

Table: financial overview

Year to December 2019A 2020A 2021E 2022E
Revenue (£m) 6.9 11.4 14.9 20.8
Adjusted EBITDA (£m) (0.3) 2.9 5.4 8.0


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