Here’s what’s happening with licences in the UK

The gambling industry in particular is one of those in which regulation is really necessary. The number of providers is gigantic, but not all of them are really reputable. A reputable provider must have at least one official licence. For this reason, regulation is so important, because only then can players be sure that the handling of their own stakes is reputable and also that real winnings exist.

One of these authorities that is responsible for regulation is the UK Gambling Commission. It is responsible for a large number of online casinos. The top UK casinos can be found here. Every player should always look first when visiting an online casino, which licences a casino has. Casinos that can show a licence from the Gambling Commission, always belong to the reputable providers. Here, a safe game is guaranteed.

Requirements to obtain such a licence

Providers who wish to obtain a licence from the UKGC must ensure a safe environment for players and their data. The most important basic requirements here include that the owner of the online casino is trustworthy, has a reputable background, has sufficient financial resources, can demonstrate an expertise and ensures the protection of players.

What exactly is the UK Gambling Commission?

The UK Gambling Commission is also known as the UK Gambling Authority and it is the licensing authority of the UK. The authority is responsible for all companies that offer gambling in the UK. It is also responsible for the National Lottery. The focus of the UKGC is particularly on these three areas: public, gambling and licensing. In order to obtain a licence from this authority, any UK gambling operator must pass the tests and examinations of the Gambling Commission.

The UKGC licence and its advantages

The main advantage of an online casino that has a licence from the UKGC is that players can be sure that they are playing in a safe and fair environment. The advantages are explained in more detail below.

Player protection

Here, the casinos must adhere to strict specifications regarding player protection. The corresponding protection mechanisms are controlled by the UK Gambling Commission. For example, the casinos must be able to demonstrate certain safeguards for handling player data.

Wherever there is a lot of money in circulation, criminals look for ways to get hold of players’ data. To prevent this, the UKGC checks the implementation of player data protection. These requirements are checked even before a licence is granted. Players can be sure that their data will be handled with the utmost care. A casino that has a licence from the UK Gambling Commission thus stands for first-class protection against cyber attacks

The guarantee of fair play

The guarantee of honest play is another essential aspect of the UK Gambling Commission. Here, it is ensured that every player has the same chances and that they can really hope to win. Here, the choice of game does not matter, because whether it is roulette, blackjack or online slot machines, they are all checked accordingly. This is guaranteed by the Random Number Generator “RNG” (random number generator). The RNG ensures, for example, that cards are random in blackjack, or that reel spins on slots are absolutely random. The RNG is checked on a regular basis to ensure that the game is always fair.

Separate storage of player funds and company assets

In order to obtain the licence from the British authority, the security of the players’ deposit must be guaranteed. Both the possible threat of cyber criminals must be ruled out here, as well as the security regarding possible misconduct of the provider itself. This means that if the online casino gets into financial difficulties, the player funds must not be affected by this under any circumstances. The UKGC will only grant the licence if the players’ funds are kept separate from the rest of the company’s assets. In this way, the players’ money is not affected if the provider itself ever runs into financial difficulties. The player’s credit is nevertheless paid out. This is especially important for those players who store larger sums of money in their own player account over a longer period of time.

If problems do occur

The ideal case is, of course, when everything simply goes according to plan. You deposit, place the bet and the winnings are paid out. However, it is precisely at this point that problems have often arisen between the casino and the player. Not infrequently, players then felt disadvantaged and often even absolutely helpless. Ultimately, there was no other contact besides the casino itself. However, this has changed significantly thanks to the UKGC.

In the case where a player feels unfairly treated or deceived by the casino, he can simply report this to the UKGC. Immediately, the necessary investigations are carried out and if necessary, the provider can then also be sanctioned. Without this authority, for example, a lawsuit against the provider would be almost impossible. Since the providers are usually based abroad, everything would be very difficult here and also very expensive. But exactly in such a case, the UKGC is thus a first-class contact point for problems with British online casinos.

If it should actually come to the fact that one would like to complain about the services or the work of the online casino, then one finds on the website of the British authority a precise specification about the further procedure.

Recognize casinos with a licence from the UK Gambling Commission

It is very easy to recognize a reputable provider with a licence from the UK Gambling Commission, you just have to go to the homepage of the provider and you will see which licence the company works with. However, it is also possible to simply visit the website of the UK Gambling Commission, because here you will find all providers that are licensed by this authority.

However, it is also important that as a player you can find the number of the licence on the homepage of the UKGC above all, because this must match the licence number on the website of the provider. If it does, it is a regular licence and the offer is safe. If the two numbers do not match, something is wrong here. Merely relying on the UKGC logo on a provider’s website is not enough here, because it is unproblematic for fraudsters to imitate such a logo, so the licence number is crucial.

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