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Eurovision 2022 Betting Odds

Eurovision 2022 Betting Odds

An outpouring of sympathy towards a Ukrainian public threatened with a Russian invasion can only help the country’s chances in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

Ukraine have already selected the song and artist that will represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest scheduled for May and staged in Italy. And the great news… It has an outstanding chance.

Alina Pash is the artist and her song Tini zabutykh predkiv (Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors) has all the quirks Eurovision voters love. 

It begins in a wacky nature – akin to the 2018 winning song from Israel – turns into a traditional Ukrainian folk song before switching into a rap song with English lyrics. 

The bookmakers like it – probably aware that in 15 appearances at the Eurovision Song Contest, Ukraine has never missed a grand final – and have slashed its Ukraine’s Eurovision odds from 14/1 into 6’s.

But even at 6/1 the song could be value. Nine of their previous entries have finished in the top-10, five have finished in the top-3, and two songs (in 2004 and 2016) have been winners.

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