Over 1,000 Players Enjoy New Horse Racing App During Inaugural Month

Last Horse Standing Cheltenham

Last Horse Standing Cheltenham

Horse racing fanatic, Richard Ward, has dreamed up a new way to bring racing fans and novices together in his new game Last Horse Standing. Mr Ward (40 years old) is no stranger to ‘thinking big’ as it’s the 10th anniversary since he ran 1 mile on every racecourse in Great Britain (60 courses) for Sport Relief in a week.

‘Last Horse Standing’ is different to other games as it challenges players to pick the horses that finish the race rather than winners. Also, it’s free to play!

Last Horse Standing has been a huge success in the first month, attracting over 1,000 players in the most recent games (Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March) and noticeably attracting new multi-generational players to the sport.

Racing Fan/Player, Tom (26 years old) explains:  “It was a fantastic first experience, even if my horse did lose it’s saddle in the first. It was fun tracking the racing with my family.”

And Mr Ward backs that up: “The Last Horse Standing Game opens up horse racing to new fans – we’re hearing from a lot of multi-generational families playing together. Reaching 1,000 Players this weekend was a dream come true, and is only the beginning as we head towards our main games for Cheltenham’s Festival next week.” 

For Cheltenham’s Festival, there are daily games from Tuesday to Friday, and a 5th game that runs across all 26 races for the 4 days.

The prize fund for Cheltenham week is £20k.

How do you play?

  • Download the App – find out more www.LastHorseStanding.co.uk
  • Pick the horses that are declared ready for the next race
  • Watch along on TV, at the races or in the app.

How do you win?

  • Pick a horse from every race that makes it past the post.
  • The winners don’t have to pick the winners!
  • If all horses make it home that have been selected, then the Player wins (the full prize, or it may be split in the event of multiple winners)

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